Additional Services

We offer the following menu of additional services. Our clients are free to pick and choose which services they wish us to provide, and we agree to a monthly fee. There are no long-term contracts. We are very confident in our value, and our clients are free to discontinue any program at any time. For Freight Bill Auditing, we offer a free 30-day trial.

Freight Bill Auditing

Many studies have proven that there is a significant margin of billing errors when transportation providers are invoicing their customers. The vast majority of those are not in favor of the customer. Our freight audit service makes our clients only pay the price they agreed to. We excel at finding errors and turning them into client refunds.

Freight Consulting

We engage in face to face interviews with our client’s key supply chain personnel. Together, we identify opportunities where we can increase productivity and efficiencies while discovering areas for cost savings. We formulate a plan, measure the results and regularly report on our progress.

Contract Management

All transportation buyers should have their own Transportation Contract that is specific to their expectations and interests. When needed, we help our clients put one together. We send our client’s contract to all of their carriers, and then track them until they are signed and returned to our client. As requested, we will negotiate contract terms on our client’s behalf.

Carrier Management

  • We help our clients recruit and develop a list of qualified carriers along with their pricing.
  • We get all carriers under contract with our client.
  • Using a variety of platforms, we can tender our client’s available freight to carriers.
  • We then track each shipment from pickup to delivery.
  • We audit the carrier’s freight bill and then submit to the client for payment.
  • We provide monthly reports of on-time pickup and delivery performance.
  • We oversee and facilitate any claims for cargo damage or loss.

Request for Quotes

After gathering client’s shipping requirements and lanes, we format and distribute RFQs to all participating carriers. We analyze submitted quotes and rank them according to qualifiers agreed to with our client.



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