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Mark Westby & Associates (MWA) is a licensed transportation broker arranging transportation services for its customers. MWA does not own trucks, trailers or related transportation equipment and is not responsible for the proper maintenance or operations of trucks and equipment belonging to any carriers. Likewise, MWA has no involvement or responsibility for the hiring, training, testing, assignment or management of truck drivers. We do not accept and will deny liability for the actions, negligence or omissions of any carrier, its employees, agents, drivers, contractors or any person/s the carrier may engage or employ in the course of any shipment.


It is the ultimate responsibility of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to determine the safety fitness of a motor carrier by giving each carrier a safety rating. We will not engage the services of a carrier with an Unsatisfactory Rating. We will abide by any carrier safety ratings or score guidelines our customers may set forth.


We do exercise good diligence in qualifying and monitoring carriers. We use a software program that tracks and reports safety scores, inspection histories and consumer complaints. We interview trade references and confirm with the carriers agent that all insurance policies are in effect. We keep a list of all carriers denied by our compliance employee on file. A permanent record is created in our data base to make certain the same carriers are not engaged by any of our employees. All carriers sign a Contract for Truck Transportation with our company. A copy of that contract can be downloaded from our website


As a matter of convenience and procedure, customers and shippers may inaccurately name MWA as the Carrier on Bills of Lading and other shipping documents. However, doing so does not extend the role or liabilities of MWA as a transportation broker and does not obligate MWA to the liabilities of a carrier. MWA encourages customers and shippers to name the actual carrier on all shipping documents, and not MWA.



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