Fast Rate Quotes

We believe in doing all we can to help you and your sales team quickly price your freight costs. We use PC Miler, the industry standard in mileage software to quickly and accurately run miles. Then we use our decades of knowledge in specific lanes to spot quote or place contract pricing for the requested quotes or lanes. You can guarantee that our pricing is competitive and accurate for the current freight market.

Freight Bill Auditing

Our freight audits make sure you pay only for the services you actually received, and only the rates you agreed to pay. No matter the carrier or transportation mode, we'll take your transportation invoices, both paid and unpaid, and audit for billing mistakes. We excel at finding errors and turning them into refunds for our clients through our freight bill auditing services.

Shipment Status Updates

If you are looking for constant status updates, for your freight we can help. We have the ability to track and monitor all our shipments via GPS or check calls. We know some shipments are more urgent then others and thats why you can always count on our team to be available to answer your tracking questions.

Freight Consulting

As a part of our transportation management consulting process, our research includes face to face interviews with your key transportation and supply chain management personnel; administration of a transportation strategy and technology questionnaire, site visits to plants and distribution centers and a careful review of your company's shipping data. You can trust the team at Mark Westby & Associates to perform a comprehensive audit of your freight transportation program. We identify, quantify and rank a list of cost savings opportunities based on impact, time to complete, payback period and other variables.

Claim Resolution

Our claims department can help you resolve any issues you may have with any of your shipments. While the legal responsibility of any claim lies between the carrier and shipper we will still provide you help with filing the documentation required for a claim. We will also keep you updated on the status of the claim as we receive updates. We have a knowledgable staff that can answer your questions related to claims. We do not have any say in the resolution or outcome of any claim, but we are happy to contact the carrier on your behalf to provide you with the best service possible.

Contract Administration

It does surprise us sometimes to see how many companies sign transportation agreements presented to them by their service providers. In many cases, those contracts contain language more favorable to the vendor and potentially harmful to the buyer. It makes perfect sense for the transportation buyer to have a contract in place modeled according to their unique interests and legal concerns. We help our customer's put such a contract and agreements in place.



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